Our Approach to Sustainability

ec-friendly soy candle with trees and field in background


You may not have guessed it from the name, but at self (ish) company, we’re pretty big on the environment and your health. If you’re reading this, we’re guessing you are too.

To walk you through our efforts to minimise carbon footprint, it’s probably best we discuss the qualities and origins of materials used to make our eco-friendly candles.

Local Origin

All our sustainable candles are assembled, poured, and packed by hand from our very own candle-making studio just outside of London. We don’t outsource procurement or production as we feel the need to know exactly what goes into each and every product we make for you.

Pure Soy Wax 

Our sustainable candles are made using 100% natural, biodegradable, and vegan-friendly soy wax which is harvested in the USA, but manufactured in the UK. The company supplying our wax does not add any synthetic colouring (neither do we) and is committed to ensuring their work does not contribute to deforestation.

Not only is a soy wax candle kinder on the environment vs a typical paraffin wax, but is also far better for your health as it is non-toxic. Although paraffin wax is cheaper, the use of soy wax results in a far cleaner burning natural candle, and as soy wax has a lower melting point than paraffin, soy candles burn at a slower pace, causing them to last longer.

Cotton & Linen Wicks 

The wicks we use are made purely from unbleached cotton and linen. They have been specifically designed to work with vegetable wax, and are supplied by a specialist candle-making supply company in Scotland.

As they are lead-free and coated in vegetable wax, they minimise soot and smoking, which results in cleaner air quality, hence less indoor pollution.

Fragrance Oil 

We’ve worked hard to find an ethical UK supplier which is a member of the aromatherapy trade council to ensure the strict standards we hold our suppliers to are met. 

They safely extract oils in the UK using the latest methods which provide us with the high-quality, amazing-smelling oils which go into your scented candles. Plus, all oils are vegan-friendly and are never tested on animals.

We truly believe we have the best smelling candles in the UK.

Glass Container 

With only 6 glass container manufacturers left in the UK, we felt it was especially important to source our vessels locally which we're proud to say we have.

Glass is infinitely recyclable, but if you fancy holding on to yours, we’ve chosen glasses that when emptied, can double up as gorgeous storage with their snug and sustainable.

Bamboo Lids 

Due to its rapid growth, light weight,and ability to regenerate after harvest, we chose a snug-fitting bamboo lid to keep your candle fresh.

Plus, once you're finished with your scented candle, our bamboo lid helps you keep your repurposed glass container storage solution secure!

Eco Friendly Labels 

Sourced from an FSC-certified supplier in Bristol using a large content of recycled paper, the labels we use on our luxury candles can be placed straight into the recycling bin, but unfortunately not the compost bin due to the adhesives used.

We told you we're self (ish). Not selfish!

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