• 'It’s rare that we find a fruity candle that we actually love, but Self (ish)’s Mango Mantra captures that summery, fruity feeling but in a way that feels uplifting, rather than overwhelming.'

  • Self (ish) Company Candles Featured In The English Home

    'A beautiful scent with a tropical twist, this candle features the aromas of mango, papaya, musk, oriental lily and floral ylang-ylang. Perfect for brightening up those greyer spring days.'

  • 'With the candles being hand-poured, vegan and made from as many UK-sourced ingredients as possible, every order makes a big difference to founder Charlie, which certainly leans into the festive spirit.'

  • 'I’m a big fan of Hertfordshire-based brand Self (ish). My Christmas pick is Rum Rebellion, a wintry blend of heady cinnamon and clove that’s perfect for evenings curled up on the sofa.'

  • Self (ish) Company Candles Featured In Vegan Food & Living

    'With their chic packaging, delicious scents and eco-credentials, Self (ish) Company’s candles make a fabulous gift for any candle lover. I was so impressed with the scent throw from this candle.'

  • 'Self (ish) Company is all about delivering high-quality candles for those moments of much-needed self-care at an affordable price tag. They offer 40 hours of burn time and the scent throw is brilliant.'

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mango soy wax candle handmade in england by self (ish) company

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Mango Mantra Soy Wax Candle

See what the fuss is about with our award-winning Mango Mantra Soy Wax Candle, praised for its exceptional quality and fragrance.

Featuring notes of Mango, Lily, and Papaya, we've been lighting this on repeat, keeping our spirits high and space smelling fresh.

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Mango Soy Wax Candle handmade in the UK by Self (ish) Company

Excuse me, what is Self (ish)?

We're redefining what it means to be 'selfish'.

self (ish) is about taking time to look after yourself.

And for us, that's achieved with scented self-care.

Which is why we're here - To make it easy for you.

After all, you deserve it more than anyone. Right?

A very self (ish) story
Sustainable Rhubarb Soy Wax Candle made in the UK by Self (ish) Company

We do things differently around here!

We pour our hearts into every candle and diffuser we make.

Taking great care to ensure our products leave you feeling great.

But for us, it's important we protect the environment whilst we're at it.

Which is why we use only the finest sustainable materials available.

So not only are our products good for you, but for the planet too.

We genuinely care, because we're self (ish) - not selfish!

Our eco-friendly approach

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