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If you're a candle enthusiast like us, you know that burning a candle isn't just about lighting a wick and hoping for the bestit's a sensory experience that can transform your environment and emotions. However, burning a candle properly takes a few tips and tricks to make the most of your experience!

In this guide, we share the top candle care tips we’ve learnt over the years as expert scented candle crafters to help you create the perfect ambience while maximising the lifespan and performance of your beloved scented candle.

The First Burn:

Just like an opening act sets the stage for a great performance, your candle's first burn is always the most important as it determines how it performs going forward. 

You see, candle wax is smarter than you think… Seriously! 

Melted wax retains memory, meaning if you don’t allow your candle to melt to the edges of the container during the first burn, the likelihood is it will struggle to do so in the future which often leads to the dreaded "tunnelling". This is where wax accumulates around the sides but never melts as the candle burns, meaning all that lovely scent goes to waste!

To prevent this, we recommend always allowing your candle to melt to the edge of the jar. This may take up to 4 hours during the first burn but should become quicker as that deceivingly intelligent candle wax gets smarter and smarter with each burn.

Take Environmental Factors Into Account:

Imagine trying to have a peaceful moment, only to be bombarded by drafty winds.

Not pleasant right? Now imagine how your candle feels!

Drafts often cause flickering, which leads to uneven and accelerated burning. This reduces the overall lifespan and quality of your candle, plus the enhanced heat produced can even get so hot it burns off all that lovely fragrance before you get a chance to smell it.

So next time you sit back and relax with your candle companion, pick a cosy, draft-free corner for the two of you where your scented candle can work its magic undisturbed in the background to provide a clean and consistent burn.

(Have you ever wondered why so often a candle which smells great out of the box fails to deliver on scent as it burns? Large-scale manufacturers often use cheap, mass-produced wicks which burn too hot, destroying any scent released!) 

Caring for Your Wick:

We take wicks seriously at Self (ish) Company because we know just how important they are to provide you with the incredible experience you deserve. That’s why we use natural cotton and linen wicks to handcraft our consistently strong-smelling scented soy candles.

We’ve already touched on wicks needing to be made from high-quality materials. In addition, it’s important to know the length of the wick above the surface of the wax determines the size of the flame, which can result in a hotter burn too.

To keep your wick well-groomed for a controlled and aromatic experience, we recommend giving it some TLC before each re-lighting by trimming the exposed section to a height of approximately 5 mm. Fancy wick-trimming tools can be used for this, or like us, you can just pinch away the loose bits with your fingers!

A Pool of Purity:

Maintaining a pristine wax pool is essential for that delightful burn you crave. 

Keep it free from wick trimmings, matches, or any debris that may find its way into the melting pool of wax. These sneaky intruders can act as an unintended 'second wick', causing your candle to burn faster and compromising its overall performance which nobody wants!

So, next time you’re about to kick your feet up and light that candle, keep an eye on the surface of the wax, remove any intruders, and let it radiate in all its glory.

Storing with Care:

When your candle isn't busy working, it deserves a cosy retreat to rest. 

At Self (ish) Company, our candles come with a reusable bamboo lid, which not only protects your candle from dust but also helps lock in its precious fragrance for the next burn. So if the candle you purchase comes with a lid, it’s usually a telling sign the person who made it truly cares about the long-term experience.

In addition, exposure to intensive UV light can gradually affect the scent produced. Whilst we’re not telling you to smother your candle in super strong sun cream, we do advise sheltering it whilst not in use.

Not to toot our own horn too much, but all Self (ish) Company candles also come with a gorgeous gift box which does a good job of this...

Nature's Imperfections:

At Self (ish) Company, we pride ourselves on the quality of our natural soy wax candles. While soy wax possesses incredible properties for a clean, strong-smelling burn, you may notice slight cosmetic imperfections to the wax between burns.

Fear not! These quirks are completely normal coming from natural wax, and in no way impact the performance or safety of your candle. In fact, by choosing soy wax, you're embracing a cleaner and healthier option that won't release harmful chemicals into the environment.

No tips for this one - just something to be aware of! Every candle has its unique personality, and burn times may vary depending on several factors. The type of wax, the environment in which it's placed, the care it receives, and the specific scent you've chosen. 


By following our top candle care tipsyou'll ensure a clean, safe, and mesmerising burn time after time. Remember to let that first burn reach the edges of the container, avoid drafts, limit burning sessions to four hours, trim your wick before relighting, and keep the wax pool free of debris. With these practices, you'll create the perfect burn, which is well worth the effort!

As candle enthusiasts, we understand the joy that comes from experiencing the perfect candle burn. So now you’re equipped with the knowledge on how to burn a candle properly, why not explore our range of Self (ish) Company scented soy wax candles?!

Handcrafted with care right here in the UK, our candles offer a long-lasting clean burn, thanks to the thoughtfully chosen materials, award-winning scents and intensive attention to detail during the candle crafting process simply not seen from large-scale manufacturers.

Treat yourself - Check out what we have to offer and put your newfound skills to the test!

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