Why Soy Wax Is The Superior Choice

Melted Soy Wax

Candles are like the perfect wingman for any occasion.


They set the mood, create a cosy atmosphere, and can even make your home smell like a fancy hotel. But if you're burning traditional paraffin wax candles, you're doing your lungs and the planet a huge disservice and could be causing serious harm.

Enter soy wax candles, a sustainable innovation shaking things up in the candle game. Allow us to explain why soy wax candles are the superior choice for your home, talk about their benefits, and introduce you to self (ish) company, the new kid on the block handcrafting some of the most luxurious soy wax candles in the UK.

Let's start with the basics.

Soy wax is like the good guy from your favourite movie in the world of candle wax. You can’t really fault it, and it always comes out on top. It's literally made from soybeans, which means it's all-natural, renewable, and vegan, plus, it burns clean so you can breathe easy knowing you're not inhaling anything funky.

Paraffin wax, on the other hand, which if you hadn’t guessed it, is the baddie in this story. It’s made from petroleum, a fossil fuel, which is not only terrible for the environment but also releases nasty chemicals when burned.

We're talking about benzene and toluene, two chemicals that sound like they belong in a science experiment, not your living room!

Unfortunately, paraffin wax remains significantly cheaper to procure than soy wax, and it’s easier to mass produce candles with, meaning it’s still the go-to choice for many ‘leading luxury brands’ on the market battling for your attention.

Be warned though, many of these companies disguise the use of paraffin wax by labelling them as ‘mineral waxes’ which strictly speaking is true, albeit a little sneaky, or mixing paraffin with a small proportion of soy to adopt the ever so misleading but interesting title of ‘soy blend’. Be warned!

But we’re not done singing praise for Soy just yet!

Soy wax candles have a lower melting point than paraffin wax candles, which means they burn at a slower rate, lasting for longer. Plus, soy wax candles hold fragrance better than paraffin wax candles, so your home will smell like a heavenly oasis for longer.

Speaking of heavenly oasis, have you tried Self (ish) Company's handcrafted luxury soy wax candles? We're talking about candles that are so good, they'll make you feel like you've been transported to your favourite fancy hotel room to lounge in luxury.

Every Self (ish) Company candle is hand-poured with care in the UK by an expert using 100% natural soy wax and premium fragrance oils specifically made to provide you with a clean burning scent-sational experience.

We're talking about unique fragrances like Rum Rebellion, Mystic Oud and Lazy Rhubarb, and even our favourite scent - Mango Mantra! There really is a scent for every mood and occasion without the nasties associated with paraffin. It’s no wonder they’re rated so highly.

So, let's recap. Soy wax candles are the clear superior choice here. They're all-natural, renewable, burn cleaner and longer, and smell like an absolute dream if made well. Self(ish) Company takes it to the next level of craftsmanship with our handcrafted luxury soy wax candles that are designed to make you feel utterly amazing.

We're not saying you need to light one of our candles to chill out and have a good time, but we're also not NOT saying that. So go on - Treat yourself to a Self(ish) Company candle by shopping below today and transform your home into a sensual-smelling paradise.

After all, you deserve it!

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